call for

call for
phrasal verb [transitive]
Word forms "call for":
present tense I/you/we/they call for he/she/it calls for present participle calling for past tense called for past participle called for
1) call for something to say publicly that something must happen

Several of the newspapers were calling for his resignation.

Protesters were calling for a ban on the production of GM foods.

Nouns frequently used as objects of call for
▪  ban, boycott, change, end, halt, reform, removal, resignation, review, shake-up
2) call for something to make something necessary or suitable

The present crisis calls for mature judgment on the part of our leaders.

Skill and initiative are called for in this job.

not called for (= unpleasant or unfair):

I really don't think that remark was called for!


Nouns frequently used as objects of call for
▪  ability, imagination, ingenuity, initiative, judgment, knowledge, skill
3) call for someone/something to go somewhere and get someone or something in order to take them to another place

I'll call for you at eight.

Has he called for his parcel yet?

English dictionary. 2014.

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